There’s A New Dating Trend Called ‘Zombieing’ And It’s Much Worse Than Being Ghosted

By | 20.05.2019

Zombieing dating trend gwen stefani height and age So what the eff is submarining? Infuriating, right? It's actually pretty similar to another rude dating behavior called zombieing — aka when a person disappears, then comes back from the "dead" months later with some lame excuse justifying their prolonged absence. Unfortunately, submarining comes with an added layer of awful. after resurfacing, they'll offer no explanation whatsoever for their disappearance. What is zombieing you ask? It's the sister to ghosting and the new dating trend that you will absolutely need to know this year. Millennial dating trends All you need to know, from ghosting to In case the metaphor went over your head, zombieing is when one. 9 Annoying Dating Trends Every Modern Romantic Needs to Know . Like subining, zombieing is when someone who previously ghosted.

You only have to watch First Dates to understand that romance is a game which can take you to beautiful places, or end in disaster, which comes in many forms. Advert Credit. Pexels Zombie-ing is disastrous, and it's a dating trend which we hope we never have the misfortune of experiencing.


Pinterest Now that social media and dating apps have infiltrated our love lives, relationships can get confusing in entirely new ways. Why did they send you that cat video with no comment? Now that they've Instagrammed a photo with you, are you two "official"?

Are Modern Dating Trends A Trick Or A Treat?

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‘Haunting’ Is the Latest Creepy Dating Trend

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