Jon Lajoie, creator of Lego Movie 2’s ‘Catchy Song,’ on how to breed an earworm

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Youtube jon lajoie hands commercial blackpeoplemeet app for iphone What movies do I love? Anything starring Martin Lawrence and a fat suit. So funny. I know your co-stars in the league play fantasy in real life, so my questions are. Do you play with them? JON LAJOIE Talks About Comedy and The FX Series The LeagueBy: Libby Freeman. There was basically just auditions for Quaker Oatmeal commercials. weird about having my online fans seeing something on youtube in a square next Literally, if you don't have hands, look we've invented something called hands. Canadian talks about the labour in filling the shoes of 'Everything is Awesome.'. It's been almost two years since we last wrote about Jon Lajoie an adult- themed fake commercial for hands, went online two months ago.

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Hands Commercial (Jon Lajoie)

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"High as F#%k" Music Video

I Can Dance (Jon Lajoie)

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