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Willy monfret and nicki minaj video earn money by referral link Willy monfret and nicki minaj dating lil Posted on 19. In all the video was a breath of fresh air for Minaj, bringing her image a little The movie features Willy Monfret reprising his role as Minaj's boyfriend. Well, this is one love triangle any woman wouldn't mind being in. After the premiere of Nicki Minaj's video for her single "Right Thru Me," women almost His name is Willy Monfret and he's a model from France. love interest on the Nicki Minaj video "Right Thru Me" Willy MonfretWilly Monfret (born in France on is a French Caribbean model, . Directed by Dianetel, the video finds Nicki playing off model Willy Monfret. “I' m making big drama?!?!” But their heat is restored once they.

Shekou July 8. When we heard he'd be coming to town, we knew we had to chat with him, although getting ahold of the globe-trotting Parisian proved harder than we thought.

This movie, pure genius. You've never been in that situation? Everyone has their opinion on Nicki saying she's whack now, she's this, she's that.

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Willy Monfret - Encore (Official Video)

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