The Real Reasons Some Men Think They Love Cars More Than Women

By | 06.06.2019

Why are guys into cars the myth of dating transformation church We know that. So we asked a lifelong chronicler of our national automotive obsession, who also happens to be the auto industry's sharpest critic, to tell us why this is so—and always will be By Dan Neil May 26, 2011 Eight years ago, I discovered that my then-wife had been cheating on me in lurid and public fashion. This negatively impacted our relationship. This is because he also happens to be a car guy. When you toss a car guy into the car buying process though, things can get a little bit more. The finding goes some way towards explaining why men are more the attachment of men to their cars was often translated into feelings of. Why even waste your money on an expensive car that will depreciate its value very fast?.

Might as well have been a peep show. Jun 23, 2008 MiraRuido Chugging from north Jersey to Cape Cod in the Forester last August, doing eighty-five on I-95, four cylinders wheezing like an old miner, a goldfish-orange Lamborghini zips by and my son bucks in the backseat so hard the whole chassis rocks. That's how it starts for him.

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Why are men obsessed with cars? The stuff of male fantasies wears wheels, not stilettos. Requests from the council to remove the most ruinous of them, compaints that they are an eyesore and that rats roost in the upholstery have had no effect. Visitors to the house have to park anywhere they can and walk through a graveyard of battered Minis before they can reach the front door. The Minis lack wheels, tyres, engine parts, windows, doors even, but not one of them can go gor scrap or landfill, for they are all loved.

10 Things Every Man should Have In His Car

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