Marrying into a very family oriented family, when I am not

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Why am i not family oriented cosa significa eundem in latino While my parents worked, I'd often be left at daycare, with a babysitter, or something similar. Usually, I'd come home from school, dump my backpack on the ground, and head straight to my bedroom or to the television. I don't mean to say that I never spent any time with my parents. When I was really young, I spent pretty much all of my time with my mom, and when my dad would come home later from work, I'd sit in his big reclining chair with him, watching movies. Being family oriented does not mean that you need to neglect you to know I really value your prece in my life, and I am here for our family.

Originally posted by Aries23Degrees. There are some things that glare at me; With Pluto in 5th especially,you tend to not be the "life of the party" person. And take things really quite seriously.

my girlfriend is not family oriented

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family oriented girl is good for marriage?