Birthday probability problem

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What is the probability that at least two people share a birthday? upload rar file online The birthday paradox is strange, counter-intuitive, and completely true. No dice bub. After pounding your head with statistics, you know not to divide, but use exponents. The problem is to compute an approximate probability that in a group of n people at least two have the same birthday. In a room of 75 there's a % chance of at least two people matching. The question: What are the chances that two people share a birthday in a group of 23 ?. The probability that no person has the same birthday among n people is where the numerator is just P n where “P” stands for permutation.

Statistics Introduction Have you ever noticed how sometimes what seems logical turns out to be proved false with a little math?

the probability of two persons being born on the same day(ignoring date) is

Math Dr. Math Home Suppose you flip a coin and bet that it will come up tails. This means that if you try this bet often, you should win about half the time.

Check your intuition: The birthday problem - David Knuffke

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IIT JEE PROBABILITY Find the probability that the birthdays of six different persons will fall ...

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