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By | 14.07.2019

What does it mean when a guy doesnt ask you questions online dating youtube videos The in-person post-text response is also important as being the little thing that really matters. Did he apologize for not texting you? Did his phone battery die? A guy who doesn't ask questions about you and your life, has little to no . for me to ask questions again never meant that I wasnt interested. If you could ask one question to get to know someone, what would it be? 7 Views · Is asking too many questions mean being rude? Doesn't know how to actually date someone, doesn't know how to engage others. Not asking about your day shows that he doesn't care, and that is not something you must have things in common that you like to do together.

After all, you want to know everything about your boyfriend.

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If a guy tells you all about himself, but doesn't ask any questions... Why do you volunteer negative information about your past? Is it not because you have been talking to a guy for a while, and everything is going great, but the minute he hears any negatives, he starts talking to your friend, or says he has to go home, and is talking to another woman in the bar a minute later? But if a guy isn't asking me any questions - even when easy openings present themselves - doesn't that mean he's not interested in finding out about me?

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He keeps texting but won't make plans, what do I do?

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