Common Pitfalls in Oncologic FDG PET/CT Imaging

By | 29.05.2019

What does fdg uptake mean in pet scan manhattan love story movie In the first instance, early detection of treatment failure may permit a physician to institute a second-line therapeutic approach. In the second instance, accurately predicting treatment failure may allow the physician to substitute an alternative regimen, without subjecting the patient to the toxicity of the full course. But not so fast! Before the PET scan, a small amount of FDG is injected into the patient. During the Exam: A nurse or technologist will take you to a special room where you. Whilst FDG PET/CT performs well in the conventional imaging paradigm of identifying, counting and measuring tumour extent, a key paradigm. FDG-positive lesions often mean cancer, but not always. Within the lower gastrointestinal tract, physiological FDG uptake can be highly.

It is, therefore, critical for the interpreting physician to be aware of potential pitfalls that may lead to an erroneous diagnosis. As the name implies, FDG is an analog of glucose that is beneficial in detecting a variety of malignancies.

physiological fdg uptake

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How does a PET scan work?

physiological fdg uptake

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how to read pet scan results

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PET Scan animation

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