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Vinny jersey shore height convert rgba to hex with opacity Apr 30, 2018 Getty Images In December 2009, the world was introduced to eight self-professed Guidos and Guidettes who signed up to live with one another for a summer on Seaside Heights on the Jersey Shore in New Jersey. It's been a bumpy ride for the castmates and viewers to say the least, as the never-ending drama unfolding each episode gifted us a swelling number of memes and quotables, starting with worshipping at the alter of fist-pumping and dodging grenades, all the way to the unforgettable one-liner from Samantha "Sammie" Sweatheart, "Rahn, stahp! In honor of the Jersey Shore reboot, we sifted through the internet to uncover some of the secrets you didn't know about the Jersey Shore cast. pauly d is like 6'0" vinny is like 5'10" the situation is 5'9" (proof - http://www ronnie is like 5' Vinny Guadagnino – Bio, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Father, Net Worth, Height My Cousin Vinny, but he gained his popularity during his stint on MTV's Jersey Shore . Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's Height is 5'8" . You might also like: How Tall is Vinny Guadagnino? How Tall is Mike The Situation? How Tall is Jenni Jwoww.

A lot has changed since the housemates put a horrifying dent in New Jersey's alcohol reserves and were basically run out of Seaside Heights by angry state officials. One thing hasn't changed?

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Copy Link Copied 15 Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Out of all the cast members, Snooki was arguably the one who first made the show such a huge success. The video, of course, was cut to not show the incident, but once the episode aired, everyone began tuning in to watch Jersey Shore. Both girls ended up married to guys that fans had already met during their initial time at Seaside Heights. JWoww settled down with Roger and together they had two kids.

‘Farewell, Seaside Heights’ Official Throwback Clip - Jersey Shore - MTV

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Jersey Shore Cast Reacts to Sandy Devastation Of Seaside Heights

Pauly D & Vinny's Bromance - Jersey Shore: 15 Craziest Couplings - MTV

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