Modern slavery: Nail salons 'using trafficked individuals'

By | 18.06.2019

Vietnamese nail salons human trafficking skoda citigo 2015 for sale Brightly lit. Sometimes clean, sometimes not so much. The smell. a distinctive blend of acetone and polish. You could be in any nail salon on any main street in America. Someone sitting behind the front desk or wandering the floor will ask you what you came in for. Discount salons are booming – and fuelling a rise in slave labour. jailed after forcing children trafficked from Vietnam to work in nail bars. I was shocked to learn much of the proliferation of nail salons in of human traffickers who smuggle young, Vietnamese women into the U.S. So normal that Quac Tran, the director of the Vietnamese American Civic “With nail salons for instance, the labor trafficking of Asian women.

By some estimates there are around 20,000 victims brought into the United States each year.

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Tackling Modern Slavery: Nearly 100 detained in crackdown on nail salons

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Modern Slavery Nail Bars Raided