Intervention won't resolve Venezuela crisis

By | 15.06.2019

Venezuela crisis opinion commuter student definition They are normally on Geography or History classes. Maybe Literature, but that was more at High School. And during Geography classes, we learned a lot about the history of South America. Just giving some background, my generation was one the first to be fully educated on a democratic, stable environment in Brazil. This already tells a lot about South America. Opinion: Venezuela's Guaidó Is On A Long-Haul Mission. economy, creating the worst humanitarian crisis in modern South American history. It seems that every single force involved in the Venezuelan Crisis lost the nature of political actions - to help who needs. What's happening in Venezuelaseem complicated for outside observers, says Frida Ghitis, but the stakes of the fight between Juan.

A Treacherous Stalemate in Venezuela Foreign meddling, coup plotting and bloody demonstrations heighten the tension.

More important, the United States has not ruled out military intervention in Venezuela, as the White House supports Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido's claim to be the "legitimate" president of the country. This, along with the fact that the two separate resolutions moved by the US and Russia on the Venezuelan political crisis failed to pass in the UN Security Council on Feb 28, shows Venezuela has become a pawn on the geopolitical chessboard of some major powers, as they have high stakes in the political future of the country. As a sovereign state, however, Venezuela's future should be decided by its own people, not outside powers. The US has been working overtime to get international recognition for Guaido, who is the Venezuelan National Assembly leader, as the country's president. The US has even demanded international supervision of Venezuela's political affairs in its draft to the UN.

Amid growing crisis, Nicolas Maduro's power remains strong within Venezuela

As the Crisis in Venezuela Grows, the Options Narrow Russian military advisers are on the ground, and American officials are issuing threats. Now what? The editorial board represents the opinions of the board, its editor and the publisher. It is separate from the newsroom and the Op-Ed section. But despite threats of intervention, calls on the military to rebel, economic sanctions, promises of aid for the long-suffering Venezuelans and long power failures, Mr.

Venezuela’s Crisis: What My Fellow Liberals Don’t Understand - NYT Opinion

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