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Vampire knight plot twist normativ scari de incendiu Joined. Jun 2011 Posts. 15 I created this thread in another forum but since it was kinda dead there I might just try and post it here. Afterwards I still followed Vampire Knight but not as much as I used to and kind of skimmed around the chapters instead of reading it like I use to. You may agree or disagree but in no way am I saying that I am right in anyway as these are based on what I have come up with using my ideas and personal assumptions to critique this plot. Now of course your thinking, "why on earth would she allow fans to control the way she wants the story to be written based on a popularity poll? Shay is writing her usual fan fiction about Vampire Knight when suddenly something strange happens and she's pulled into a portal landing into the. I first heard about Vampire Knight several years ago. Class for the vampires, which at the time I thought was a neat twist. of the plot threads are resolved so that it's satisfactory . ヴァンパイア騎士 8 . Can't wait to read Vampire Knight volume 9! .. I knew the major plot twist of Yuuki and Kaname being .

I dislike vampires as love interests. In short, I like the hunters.

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The Plot Twist In Vampire Knights!

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