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University of kentucky nepotism policy akbar restaurant los angeles Revision date of this archived policy. April 1, 1990 Note. This is not a current version of the policy. View current version. However, although relatives are permitted to work in the same area, limitations have been defined in the second paragraph of Part X. No relative by blood or marriage of the President or the Vice President for Administration shall be employed in a position at the University. — The University of Kentucky's nepotism policy has evolved in recent years to reflect “the realities of today's multi-professional. Frankfort, KY – The Kentucky attorney general's office has been studying state nepotism statutes, as they apply to the hiring of certain school teachers.

Employment includes regular and temporary full- and part-time employment, student employment and work-study, and graduate and other assistant programs. Policy The employment of relatives within the University is not precluded, as long as the employment is in compliance with all University policies regarding employment qualifications, performance, promotion, and management of situations where nepotism, or the appearance of nepotism, is possible. No member of the Board of Trustees, except those elected to the Board of Trustees as faculty or staff representatives, shall be employed by the University.

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