Here are the 9 best TV shows set in New York City

By | 19.05.2019

Tv series set in new york how to look super attractive guys Below, a look at shows with NYC ties that have recently been canceled for the 2019 premiere season, and the ones left behind in 2018. The final season will be 10 episodes, the network said. Set in Manhattan's "Mother Court," the series only shot select scenes on-location and primarily filmed in California. The show, starring Hope Davis, Britt Robertson and Jasmin Savoy Brown, followed the typical Shondaland formula. A group of young professionals were bound together by their career placements. From Seinfeld and Friends to Girls and Broad City, take a look back at the most iconic TV shows set in New York City. These are the best TV shows that take place in New York in the s. Why are so many hit TV shows set in New York City?be it's because the daily drama – and comedy – of life in Manhattan makes for good.

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