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Trust hospitals in faisalabad palabras largas para trabalenguas All the 19-year-old would say was that her new husband — a Chinese man her family sold her off to in marriage — was torturing her. Eventually she broke down and told her mother the full story, pleading with her to bring her home. The husband had hidden her away in a hotel in a remote corner of China and for the past weeks had been forcing her to have sex with other men. You are my property. There, a group of parishioners began putting together an elaborate plan to rescue the girl from the hotel more than 1,100 miles away. Click here to find the directory listing of Mian Muhammad Trust Hospital, dealing in Orthotherapists Sargodha Road, Near General Bus Stand, Faisalabad. Review Dors, Specialists and Facilities available at Mian Muhammad Trust Hospital in Hajveeri Town, Faisalabad and book an Appointment, Service or. Review Dors, Specialists and Facilities available at Khadija Mehmood Trust Hospital in Chibban, Faisalabad and book an Appointment, Service .

CI. Confidence interval, OR. odds ratio derived by multiple logistic regression analysis. Each variable is adjusted for the confounding effect of all the others listed in the table.

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