Tinder Triggers Men With Petty ‘Height Verification’ Prank

By | 18.06.2019

Tinder adding height verification supernatural damaged goods reddit Where Microsoft has just initiated a blanket ban on 1 April humour , other companies have decided to uphold the tradition of capitalising on the event with some fake news of their own. In a memo to staff last week, Microsoft noted how April Fools' pranks had a "limited positive impact", pointing out that ill-judged jokes can even result in "unwanted news cycles". But while big tech might be cynical about filling journalists' inboxes with fake news for a day, consumers aren't as uptight. Though some admittedly miss the funny bone, this year's lot of brand executions is a mixed bag of inspired ideas, millennial product parodies and a few clumsy rebrands. Among the efforts is a 'height verification tool' from Tinder which has already proven to be divisive despite its aim of bringing "truthfulness back into the world of online dating". No more faking your height on Tinder. The verification process is simple: All users will have to upload a screenshot of them standing next to. Tinder's new "height verification" feature had subscribers scratching Just add a weight verification as well for the ladies who love to show. Apparently, Tinder knew just how important height is for women with online dating All the 5'4 guys seeing tinder is adding height verification.

By Tom Pritchard on at Unless you haven't checked the calendar the past few days, you'll know that today is 1st April - better known as April Fool's Day.

By Hannah Orenstein Nov 15 2017 I've gone through a million iterations of bios on dating apps. When I returned home from my summer in Israel, I added a Jewish star emoji. You get my drift.

Tinder is adding “Height Verification”

Irina Manta, Holy Cow, lighten up! What an idiotic reaction, and an even more idiotic, vacuous post. You are contributing mightily to the downfall of the Volokh Conspiracy. Please go away.

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