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The office characters hogwarts houses meetup hiking rochester ny Image. Tumblr, ge-em Cam Tucker Cam is on the edge of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, but came up a little short as far a bravery goes but he made up for it with a high level of friendliness. Image. Tumblr, bucknellstruggles Troy Barnes All Troy really wants from life is to hang out with his best friend, and help him when he can. To show off her house spirit she would probably keep a badger as a pet naming it Helga after the founder of course. Image. Tumblr, theres-a-daisy Jesse Pinkman Jesse might be a meth dealer, but when you push past that he's just a sweet, friendly guy. Sort: The Office Submitted by lifeloveand.me Michael Scott - Hufflepuff While itseem odd that Michael would be a. Michael Hufflepuff he's extremely loyal to Dunder Mifflin Jim Gryffindor! Jim is overall a very good, honest, and brave person Pam Gryffindor. Dare we let Michael loose in Hogwarts? House Do These "The Office" Characters Belong In? prison mike might be my favorite character on the office.

Copy Link Copied 10 Jay Pritchett - Ravenclaw Working so many years to grow his closet business as well as working hard to support his family, Jay is responsible, serious and dedicated; a clear indicator of his ISTJ personality. This puts him at a crossroads for between becoming a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw student.

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He is the God of Thunder and Lightning, and is probably the most courageous and brash of all the Avengers. He puts up a good fight, can be really cocky and loud, and is basically a huge jock, which is kind of what Gryffindors are to Hogwarts. Thor is also known more for his hammer, his strength, and his skill, rather than his brilliant thinking.

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Hufflepuffs are hard workers and even though Michael doesn't work hard at his actual job, he works very hard to make people laugh and distract people from working. Dwight Schrute-Slytherin Dwight is literally the definition of cunning, ambitious and resourceful.

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A post shared by Karin stoneunleashed on Feb 10, 2017 at 1.55pm PST Slytherin House Slytherin is defined by their cunning, resourcefulness and ambition - and while it's often seen as a villainous house, that's not entirely the case. Being from the upper crust also helps, but certainly isn't mandatory. Just a desire to excel and a willingness to do what it takes. Don't Edit Alexander Hamilton, "Hamilton" Setting aside the debate about the actual historical figure, the fictional one that appears in the Broadway musical sensation is obsessed with achievement, legacy and proving he's the smartest guy in the room.

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