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The amazing race season 26 episode 1 gemini bipolar quotes While ten seasons is long for a sitcom or drama, twenty six seasons is nothing for reality television. To keep people interested and tuning in each season, they have to mix things up. These five couples are joined by six already established couples as they all race to win the one million dollars. As the race kicked off, the first leg took all the couples to Tokyo, Japan where they memorized the names of bottles of sake and learned new dance moves. A new twist on The Amazing Race makes for an interesting and fun start to Season Season 26 begins with 11 dating couples, including five pairs who meet for the first time at the The pairs fly to Tokyo on the first leg of the race and face a U- Turn.

On the shores of Castaic Lake outside of Los Angeles, Phil announced that for the first time, ten singles would embark on the most amazing blind date ever.

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ПОХОЖИЕ ЦИТАТЫ. Показать лучшие.

The Amazing Race Season 29 Episode 3 - Bucket List Type Stuff

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The Amazing Race Season 29 Episode 5 - Have Faith In Me, Broski

The Amazing Race 9/26/10 - S17E01 - Part 1/7

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