What if the MBTI Personality Types Had Superpowers

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Superpower based on mbti is my boyfriend immature quiz For instance, if there was a particularly shy MBTI type, then perhaps their superpower would be to have the ability to pass unseen amongst other people, or become invisible; and well, I just thought to myself, this sounds like a great blog idea, not to mention lots of fun to formulate and write; so, here it is, a list of the MBTI types and their relevant superpowers, in a fictional world where your MBTI personality type determines your superpower. So, without further ado, here is a list of the superpowers of the various MBTI personality types. Like a dragon, in our fictional world the ENTJ has the ability to breathe out fire, literally, with the force of a thousand exploding cannons, enough for them to muster enough respect, admiration and create enough fear for them to amass a small army soon enough, whom they can corral and discipline into obedience and submission. Just thought of this because I was talking about superpowers recently. Time control, because time-based powers are always broken as shit. Have you ever wondered if what your superpower would be if you had one? Well, I've gone through each type and given you one based your. Here's what hidden superpower you have according to your Myers Briggs Personality Tags: comicsvel mbti mbti superpower myers briggs superpower.

Perhaps at night you dream about breaking out a cape, a mask, and saving the world from corruption. We all have dreams, aspirations, and goals.

Pinterest Everyone leads with a dominant quality. You can probably easily pick out the driven one, the charismatic one, the enthusiastic one, the caring one, and the quiet one in your friend group. However, if you look a little closer, each person also has a hidden side that frequently goes overlooked by others. Every Myers-Briggs personality type has one — and you might be less aware of it than you think. Time to take that closer look.

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February 16, 2016 by philipbullitthughes Have you ever wondered if what your superpower would be if you had one? If you think you might have a different power, please let me know in the comment section below. INFJ. True to your uncanny ability to sense what others are feeling, you possess psychic powers; the ability to read minds. Super villains beware. no hidden motive shall escape your watchful eye.

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