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Students ministry austin stone once upon a deadpool full movie Tell us a little about The Austin Stone, and your relationship to college students. The Austin Stone is a church in Austin, TX that was started a little over 10 years ago under the leadership and vision of our founding pastor, Matt Carter. From the very beginning a central piece of our mission and purpose has been to see students at the University of Texas connected, equipped and mobilized to live as missionaries on campus, in our city, in the marketplace and to the ends of the earth. In fact, in many ways it is fair to say that whatever influence our church has come to have in our city has largely been built on the impact of college students.

From the driveway as a little squirt to Little Dribblers to a few victory-less intramural teams in college and every season in between, I have always loved playing basketball.

Ethan, Great to hear from you brother! Looking forward to dialoging with you on this subject in particular. In regards to worship gatherings we leave it up to the parents. We have parents that land all across the spectrum. Some are staunch homeschoolers, some are public school all the way while others choose classical private Christian schools.

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