The History of Nutcrackers

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Story behind christmas nutcrackers bryce dallas howard instagram My route home from the LIRR takes me past a rather festive street. Most of the houses have some sort of holiday light display set up. My favorite is a decorated evergreen, complete with LED gifts underneath. Another apparent decorative favorite are wooden toy soldiers and nutcrackers—though I've often wondered at the connection between the season and these childhood favorites. In this age of commercialization, it can be difficult to find true symbols of the season. Clemency Burton-Hill goes in search of The Nutcracker's universal appeal. And why is it that a German Romantic short story set to music by a.

Here, writer E. Hoffmann has put "The Nutcracker" into story form. It's an irresistible tale of a toy soldier that turns into a prince.

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Visitor Comments The History of Nutcrackers Nuts have been a significant part of the food supply since the beginning of time, and over the years, man has created ingenious ways to open the shells. Excavations of early civilizations have revealed nutshells that were probably broken by stones when too hard for the teeth to crack. Pitted stones used for cracking nuts have been found in various parts of the United States and Europe and have been dated back to the Archaic Period, 4,000 to 8,000 years ago.

Christmas Stories: Nutcracker - Part 1

What to eat, drink, and think. I think of my mother. She's not otherwise given over to kitsch or obsessive collecting, but every year around Thanksgiving she pulls from the recesses of closets and the depths of the basement a collection of more than 150 nutcrackers. Then, with a steady soundtrack of Christmas music filling the house, she arranges them carefully by theme. Soldierly nutcrackers arrayed in dignified formation; the cheesemonger and fisherman nestled in the kitchen; several Santas all competing for the attentions of a single Mrs. Claus on a hutch in the family room; the characters from the ballet—Clara, the Mouse King, et al—in a place of honor in the dining room near my grandmother's silver.

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Hidden Weirdness in Christmas Stories: Nutcracker


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