LSB Array Based Image Steganography Technique by Exploring the Four Least Significant Bits

By | 09.07.2019

Steganography techniques lsb rapper transgender weightlifter Thus, steganography literally means "covered writing". Steganography is an ancient art of covering messages in a secret way such that only the sender and receiver know the presence of the message. This allows one party to communicate with another party without the third party being aware that communication is occurring. Usually, the data is concealed inside an innocuous cover so that even if a third party discovers the cover, there are no suspicions about the data hiding inside the cover. If the hidden data is detected by a third party the steganography technique fails. Least Significant Bit Embeddings are a general steganographic technique thatbe employed to embed data into a variety of digital media, but one of. The Least Significant Bit embedding technique is a well-known and broadly employed method in multimedia steganography, used. This paper is based on image steganography that is Least Significant Bits techniques on images to enhance the security of the communication.

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lsb steganography introduction

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lsb algorithm for audio steganography

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