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Sqlite tool for mac addis ababa nightlife guide SQLite Database Browser 1. However, instead of installing it by dragging its icon to the Application folder, uninstalling SQLite Database Browser 1. Generally, its additional files, such as preference files and application support files, still remains on the hard drive after you delete SQLite Database Browser 1. Continue reading this article to learn about the proper methods for uninstalling SQLite Database Browser 1. Thus, different from the program uninstall method of using the control panel in Windows, Mac users can easily drag any unwanted application to the Trash and then the removal process is started. DB Browser for SQLite - Create database files compatible with SQLite ( was SQLite Database Browser). Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps. SQLiteFlow is an SQLite editor for Mac & iOS which is intuitive, stable and reliable to use. Query Editor - Copy Query with Custom Style and It's Setting Editor -. Previously known as "SQLite Database Browser" and "Database Browser for SQLite". Website at: DB Browser for SQLite works well on MacOS X / macOS.

SQLite Database Browser 1. In normal cases Mac users just need to simply drag and drop the target app to the Trash and then empty the Trash to perform the standard uninstallation. Generally speaking, most Mac applications are separate bundles that contain the executable and any associated resources for the app, and therefore users can easily remove any unwanted software if they are installed properly from their Macs.

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