Soldier proposes to girlfriend with ring made from Afghan penny he carved himself

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Soldier from afghanistan sending me package with gold and diamonds london boroughs map with streets Opt out or contact us anytime There are also indications that Iran could be dipping into the Afghan gold trade. It is already buying up dollars and euros here to circumvent American and European sanctions, and it may be using gold for the same purpose. Yahya, a dealer in Kabul, said other gold traders were helping Iran buy the precious metal here. for ring size and shoe size, and said I will need to pay taxes when receive the packages. . A couple of days to a scammer with the same army/Syria story. by a man who says he is in the army stationed in Afghanistan transfering to Iraq. Wanted tod me a big box with gold bars money and supposedly all his military. "He said if he had his own he'd be able to contact me more," Romano "He couldn't get itt directly to Afghanistan," Romano said. Her scammer asked her to pay for security for gold bars he would beding to the U.S. No bundle of gifts, cash, paperwork, worldly possessions. two Gold / two Diamond Ring You are wonderfully made by God,God havet me a very special gift from I have served in Army units in the United States, UK Scottish military base, Belgium,4th infantry Afghanistan and now in Syria but will.

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Embassy Kabul frequently receives inquiries from people who have been victimized by Internet scammers. These scams are attempts by con artists to convince you to send them money by developing a friendship, romance or business partnership online, and then exploiting that relationship to ask for money. The most common scam we see involves calls, texts, or social media messages Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, dating apps, etc from a person claiming be a U. Armed Forces, a military contractor, a U. Embassy diplomat, or an employee of an international aid organization.

Her work was a dreary routine of recording fuel deliveries in a computer and escorting trucks past a gate. But it was soon to take a dark turn into high-value crime. Troops were selling the U. Advertisement Troops were selling the U. When Hightower suggested they start doing the same, Charboneau said, she agreed.

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In order to be certain what is sent arrives securely to its intended individual here are some tips for sending and preparing a military care package. Check International and Country Specific Shipping Limitations — There are restrictions on what can be shipped and even more limitations by country. The United States Postal Service offers a list of what these limitations are by country.

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