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Software copyright notice template best fast dating app October 20, 2015, 6.30pm 1 The issue of file headers and copyright statements is one that comes up from time to time so I figured it was time we standardized on some guidance for. NET Foundation projects. I thought I would kick off a proposal below, but want everyone to weigh in and give some opinions as lots of people here have a lot more experience in with dealing with this in different places than I do. Why have a file header? Why wouldn't you rather put a very short statement which links to the full legal hint then it means that it is not free software - so it needs a LICENSE. For example, I don't think the above examples with explicit And you don't even need that as all code is copyrighted by default, explicit notice or not. The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be The most common objection to getting rid of these templates goes something like this: . When youd a file via email, some attachment softwarealter. Any original work that you author or create can be copyrighted including computer software, music, websites, art and other tangible creative.

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Developing software and managing development teams. Most projects have some kind of standard source code template which has the copyright and license text and placeholders for things like a description. Stop using it. If you believe me already, you can stop reading now and go do something useful with your life. We must keep at least the copyright notice in place, surely?

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