5 Fantastic YouTubers Fighting The Spread Of Alt-Right Propaganda

By | 04.06.2019

Sjw youtube channels dark romantic restaurants nyc Copy Jude Valentin As someone who posts YouTube videos about fat acceptance and body positivity, Jude Valentin is unfortunately used to seeing negative comments. But that's never stopped her from doing her work. Recently, though, the negative comments took a particularly hateful turn. Valentin noticed one of her videos getting more vitriolic comments than usual. At first she didn't know what was going on, but then she saw one of the comments mentioned a compilation video. Feminist youtube channels list ranked by popularity based on total channels subscribers, video views, video uploads, quality & consistency of. I'm talking about channels whose popularity has largely or entirely stemmed from riding the whole Anti-SJW fad on YouTube, and those whose. The reinstatement raises questions about YouTube's process . Upon further review, YouTube reinstated Shirrako's channel, leaving all the.

Life As a child, Fluhrer was a member of a Messianic Jewish cult.

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Despite the topic shift, Ramsey continues to keep her videos engaging and entertaining. Her awesome personal channel is what made MTV News choose her to host their Decoded web series about "race, pop culture and other uncomfortable things. MarinaShutUp Marina Watanabe started recording videos about her life three years ago, and found her niche in feminism soon after. Her Feminist Fridays series has all the answers to the nagging questions you're afraid to ask about feminism from an intersectional perspective. While she's known primarily as a feminist vlogger, Watanabe's videos also cover race and mental health.

How to Be a Youtube Skeptic/Anti - SJW!

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As the channel has developed her scope has broadened, discussing new types of media and different subjects, particularly American politics and economics. The style of her videos has also changed drastically, shifting from her earliest talking-head monologues to miniature narratives inhabited by reoccurring characters, often with a self-referential and sarcastic tone, with the situation depicted in the video reflecting a specific issue as well as serving as commentary on specific kinds of creators or media formats, such as her video focusing on the dissemination of explicitly anti-semitic views, "Debating the Alt-Right". Gender See the main article on this topic. Gender Wynn has made several videos about the concept of gender. Her work critiques transphobia , transmisogny, misogyny and gender roles. Her videos on gender usually focus on right-wing ideas of gender and how they conflict with the lived experiences of transgender and non-binary people.

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