Springfield Elementary School

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Simpsons teachers names ocala classifieds trucks Profile Springfield Elementary is around two stories high, and contains a Gym and a Cafeteria. The basement includes a steam tunnel. At one point, there was somewhat of a steeple on top of the school roof. The floorplan is identical to that of West Springfield Elementary School. Springfield Elementary School is an elementary school which Bart Simpson, Lisa There is a field trip memorial that shows the names of the students who never It was the centre of a fight between the 4th Grade and 5th Grade teachers. Table Characters names Original version Spain Latin America The Simpsons Los Simpson Los The strategies applied to the translation of the teachers. Bart and Principal Skinner battle over the affection of Bart's new teacher, and a On the Latin-American dubbing, Skinner's real last name is Barreda (instead of.

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Pop quiz. Recall the name of your favorite teacher. Extra credit. Recall the name of your least favorite teacher. Regardless of how many years removed you are from your school days, it's impossible to think back on your educational career without also recalling the teachers who most impacted it. Whether because they were inspirational or horrendously ill-suited for the job, some teachers leave an imprint that stays with you for a lifetime.

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