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Shot put measurement in hindi conservative dating meaning Two technical styles have survived over the last several decades. The chart below compares in the two styles during key aspects of the throw- Of the top-level gliders in the world, most of the athletes are using the short-long style of throwing, although many coaches belief in the long-short method. Regardless of the style used, the coach and athlete must find what can work best of that individual Coaching Points for the Glide Getting Started The shot is raised over the head; the wrist is bent facing upward, the ball rest at the base of the fingers. The shot is then placed on the neck, under the jaw with the thumb touching the collarbone. The shot put is an athletics throwing event involving "putting" is measured from the inside of the circumference of the circle to where the shot. For all meets, the degree sector must be used for both the shot put and From thatk, measure toward the other outer boundary line a distance of Introduction to the track and field shot put event, including basic Shot putters throw from a circle measuring meters in diameter.

The History of Shot Put Linda Purves About the Author. Linda Purves Linda Purves is a personal fitness trainer and sports coach with professional qualifications gained in many areas including athletics, cycling, equestrian sports and sports psychology. Since 2003 her published articles have appeared in a variety of U.

In the English language it is common to use the term "shot put" to refer to both the shot itself and to the throwing motion. Competitions and rules Competitors take their throw from inside a circle 7 feet 2. The distance thrown is measured from the inside of the circumference of the circle to where the shot lands at its nearest disturbance of the soil.

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