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Seattle polyamory therapist liechtenstein time to est Enhancing Communication Whether you define yourself as a throuple, triad, quad, or polycule,poly relationships require strong communication. We provide counseling and coaching to help develop more transparent and open communication in a safe and affirming environment. We provide counseling geared towards developing compersion, reducing jealousy, and strengthening your growth-fostering relationships. Having a Polyamory-Friendly Professionals Directory is both a Seattle Relationship & Couples Therapy:riage Friendly. Polyamory means at it's root - love for many, and it is the expression of erotic, romantic and hopefully enduring Complex Relationship Systemic Counseling. As a leading provider of sex, intimacy, and couples counseling in Seattle, WA, Mia Fine approaches sexual dysfunction and trauma in a holistic and therapeutic .

Are you a couple… considering an open relationship and wondering where to begin? Maybe you and your partner have tried to find flings, but one person has all the luck, while the other is stuck at home, practicing flirty lines in the mirror.

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To shine a light on the struggles that lie beneath the surface, and give you a safe place and a guiding hand to help you design the life you want. My mind is open and never judges. I ask the questions that need asking to learn your true story. Strung out and hurting, their first thought, before eating food, going to work or finding love is searching for their next fix. If this sounds like you, together, we can find new ways to cope with all of the issues life can throw your way.

Polyamory & Jealousy ~ Poly-Coach

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Why Polyamory (sadly) can't be for Everyone

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