Sean Penn gets middle-aged tough in 'The Gunman'

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Sean penn age the gunman lee min hos family background Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. What if Taken was just the right movie with the right star at the right time? What if the reason why Taken was a big hit had absolutely nothing under the surface beyond the fact that Taken was a pretty solid action thriller with a great premise, a superb trailer, and a well-liked movie star playing just a little against-type? And if there is no Taken Effect, then there can be no Taken fatigue or any real lesson to be learned from the relative failures of films like Three Days to Kill and The Gunman beyond their respective lack of appeal. First and foremost, Sean Penn is not and has never been a movie star. He might be 5 but double Oscar winner Sean Penn is turning his hand – and his newly muscular torso – to an action role for the first time in. "The Guns, Man" might have been a more apt title for "The Gunman," given Sean Penn's odd attempt to refashion himself as a middle-aged. "The Gunman": Sean Penn's idiotic, glorious and doomed leftist thriller Making a Eurotrash eye-candy action thriller at Penn's age was total.

Penn plays sniper Jim Terrier, a mercenary assassin forced into hiding when the target sights are honed on him by a Congo hit squad. To convincingly portray a trained killer, Penn used a combination of compound, functional weight training moves to pack on lean muscle without compromising agility, and armed himself with the lethal hand-to-hand combat skills of krav maga. And in the above video, watch exclusive behind-the-scenes action of Penn putting his krav maga training into practice on the set of The Gunman.

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His character Tom Hagerty is one of five astronauts chosen to be the first to visit Mars. The action focuses on colonising another planet and the difficulties they and their families face. But viewers could be forgiven for finding themselves somewhat distracted by the leading man and his ridiculously henched new self. The shirtless actor is seen running towards the camera in one scene with muscles and veins pulsating and in others his stacked torso and bulging biceps are impossible to ignore.

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