Romance scams are on the rise. Here’s how to avoid them

By | 21.05.2019

Romance scams ontario is it okay to be a stoner The internet has made it easier for people to connect, share interests and develop relationships. Social media, online classifieds, and dating websites and apps have helped many Canadians meet new people. While online dating can lead to successful relationships, fraudsters also use online dating platforms to target potential victims. Fraudsters play on your emotions. They may claim to share the same interests as you. NORFOLK COUNTY — Provincial police are once again warning people about romance and dating scams after a victim found herself out more.

The caller will say they are in trouble and need money right away. He or she may say they are in hospital, stuck in another country or have gotten into trouble with the law.

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Door to Door SCAM Caught on Camera - Ontario Home Services / UtilEbill / Enbridge Gas

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Scammed by romance fraud—one widow's story

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