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Richmond times dispatch classifieds digital camera magazine next issue Mark R. Warner and Timothy M. Kaine released a letter they sent today to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx in response to the derailment of a CSX train on April 30 in downtown Lynchburg, sending 17 oil-filled tanker cars off the tracks and three into the James River. At least one of the tanker cars in the river caught fire and released more than 20,000 gallons of crude oil the train was transporting from the Bakken shale fields in North Dakota to Yorktown. Search Richmond-area classifieds for great deals on merchandise. Classified listings for items for sale, yard sales and more in the. Classified listings for items for sale, yard sales and more in the Richmond, publishes important public notices thataffect the lives.

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Robert C. Scott warned yesterday. An outspoken advocate of civil liberties, Scott, D-3rd, told law students at the College of William and Mary that he believes religious activists in politics and the law are waging a "deceptive" campaign to erode important principles including church-state separation and protection against job discrimination. Scott was one of four panelists who had been asked to discuss legal issues surrounding the public display of the Ten Commandments and two cases on that topic that will be argued next month before the U. Supreme Court.

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richmond times dispatch news

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