Cinnac is a Tinder-style photo rating app that helps you discover your best photos

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Rate my photography app apps like lulu and sky FyreFestival on Twitter - we've been considering how "Instagram-worthy experiences" are really anything but. The "Instagram worthy experiences" continued this week when Bow Wow shared a pictured on the 'gram of a private plane with the caption 'Travel day', until another Twitter user posted a photo of what looked like Bow Wow allegedly flying commercial that very day. Lmfaooooo who's mans is this smoss?! Antonio antologies May 10, 2017 So, what are these insecurities we hold and dissatisfactions in ourselves that make us lie on social media and compare ourselves with our peers?? We are programmed to project comparison on ourselves to others, whether that's jealousy, inspiration, social media credibility or to feel better about our own existence. Get your pictures rated! Whether for a dating site, a social network or just for fun, Uprate lets you easily check real people's unbiased opinions on how you look in . Cinnac is a new social network for photographers that will help you separate your good The app works by letting you upload so-called "mini blogs" to your . Despite its compact dimensions and fairly modest price, it has a. The stock photography search engine Everypixel has launched a new web app called Everypixel Aesthetics that uses a neural network to tell.

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