Kremlin silent on reports Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabaeva, his ‘secret first lady’, have had twins

By | 22.05.2019

Putin girlfriend 2019 cougar alert meme Citing local residents, Switzerland's Bick tabloid said on Friday that Mr Putin flew to Switzerland to be with Alina Kabaeva, his rumoured lover, as she went into labour at the private Clinic Sant'Anna near Lugano earlier this week. The reports that Miss Kabaeva, an Olympic-gymnast-turned-parliamentarian, checked into the clinic earlier this week could not be confirmed and the Kremlin last night denied that she had given birth. Miss Kabaeva, 31, has been rumoured to be in a relationship with Mr Putin for several years, but the Kremlin has never acknowledged any link between the pair. VLADIMIR Putin looks set to getried after the Kremlin dropped a big hint he will By Rachel O'Donoghue / Published . VLADIMIR Putin was last night staying silent over reports that his girlfriend has had twins. By Jerry Lawton / Published . Russian President Vladimir Putin's rumoured longtime girlfriend has given birth to twins, according to reports out of Moscow., am.

More Articles April 19, 2018 Russian President Vladmir Putin has gone to great lengths to shield his private life from the media. In fact, he is so private that no confirmed photographs exist of his two adult daughters.

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