Black Ink Chicago Phor Accused Of Dating 'TRANSGENDER'

By | 01.06.2019

Phor black ink crew more radio eastbourne frequency However, he has a thriving music career as well. He chatted with us about what inspires his music and what is coming up next. What area of Chicago are you originally from? Black Ink Crew: Chicago cast member Phor made the brave confession during a recent episode of the show that he has been battling. Phor has been vocal on social media about his battle with depression, but this week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, things became serious when. Black Ink Crew: Chicago is an American reality television series that airs on VH1 and debuted on Don Brumfield: Piercer and younger brother of Phor.

The Chicago upstart is salivating for his chance to eclipse his peers and become a staple on the forefront of his star-studded city that has birthed the likes of Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco, and Change The Rapper. Even though he gained notoriety for his artistic prowess alongside his Nine Mag family in two seasons of Black Ink Crew. Chicago, Phor is ready to put his rap skills to the test. Back in February, he released his mixtape Sacrifice, which features a multi-faceted rapper who can comfortably dip his feet into the muddy waters of trap music, but also swim good when asked to dish out laid-back cuts.

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Phor Robinson has the whole hood standing in the middle of 87th and University Avenue, like he's about to shoot a music video. This is where I grew up," he says, before taking us on a walking tour. Phor actually has made a video in Marynook. On an ordinary day, though, Marynook is a quiet subdivision in the Avalon Park neighborhood, full of modest suburban-style homes with backyards and driveways.

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