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Phonegap build android command line we have been texting for months Install Cordova using a cmd window. npm install -g cordova You can test whether the installation by typing the following into the cmd window. It should list a set of Cordova commands. cordova If all goes smoothly, you should not need to mess with your PATH variables. Otherwise, look at the above linked documents for hints. Learn how to create your first Cordova hybrid app using Cordova CLI. For detailed reference on Cordova command-line, review the CLI reference We will add the 'ios' and 'android' platform and ensure they get saved to and. Support is provided for Android builds on a Windows PC and iOS builds on a Mac. provides a command line interface for creating Cordova apps. For Cordova and PhoneGap,cha Cmd can only create DEBUG versions of applications Android: Download and install the Android SDK Manager. . Near the end of the code inside this hook, note the line that says lifeloveand.mest = profile.

You might have also experienced that PhoneGap is a super easy framework that makes mobile apps development a very easy task despite all the drawbacks having a mobile application running on a web view. The good news is. Packaging the PhoneGap application to Google play store is even much easier.

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PhoneGap Build Beginner : Tutorial 9 - Adding plugins to phongap app