Campus Chabad Pegisha Underway

By | 10.06.2019

Pegisha place brooklyn when will facebook dating launch Doubling Presence in a Decade, 14 New Chabad Campus Centers Opened This Year Prepping for the international student Shabbaton, couples now serve at 256 centers worldwide By Karen Schwartz October 31, 2017 8.12 AM Chabad on Campus centers have been growing in leaps and bounds over the past decade, both in the increasing number of schools served and the added Jewish programs offered. In the past year, 14 new couples have started Chabad Houses, with many others, like the Rohr Chabad at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, buying, renovating or building new facilities for use by students, faculty, community members and visitors. An ever-growing number of Campus emissaries from around the world will accompany the students. That almost doubles the number over the past decade. In 2007, there was a total of 130 Chabad on Campus centers. The best pegisha places for Brooklyn, Lakewood, Monsey, and Beyond!. Chabad on Campus student Pegisha is underway with students coming in from across the world to spend Shabbos in Crown Heights. Pegisha Highlights include hitting Up New York City Bite Size, Big Apples with Discover new places. . Eastern Parkway, First Floor, Brooklyn, NY

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Despite Hurricane Sandy and all of the related travel and administrative complications, the Shabbaton was experienced without a hitch and attracted a crowd of 650 participants from across North America and Europe including many who experienced a travel ordeal to get there. During the day, many students enjoyed a unique tour of New York City beginning with a walk across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and continuing on foot to Battery Park City and Ground Zero. Upon their return to Crown Heights, the group enjoyed a tour of the community and the local mikvah. The Shabbaton program began with recitation of Tehillim, as the Shabbaton participants prayed in solidarity with those who are enduring Sandy-related hardships. Following a highly charged Shabbos candle lighting ceremony, sessions and lectures were presented in a wide array of topics relating to Jewish life.

CDC live at The Place Bar in Brooklyn Ny [4-25-14] (HD)

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As Shluchim on campus, many of my colleagues deal with great mesiras nefesh with a constant uphill battle, inspiring and serving hundreds of Jewish students each and every week. Around this time each year, though, we are reminded that we're not alone. Seeing the unbelievable Hachnosas Orchim with which the residents of Crown Heights open their doors, take care of our students, and put up with all of the tumult that goes along with such an endeavor — especially knowing that this comes so closely on the heels of an already very taxing month of Tishrei — is the greatest reminder that Chassidim Ein Mishpocha, that we are part of a family of Chassidim who are true partners in our work. Indeed, the students who come, year after year, walk away inspired.

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