Old School Runescape – Beginner’s Guide

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Osrs clans f2p dating an adventurous guy This guide is for P2P players only. If you are F2P, follow this guide. Why should you use THIS guide? Au OSRS is a clan chat providing a home for all of the Australian/Nz Community on Oldschool Runescape, as well as any friends or people. This is probably the best known clan in the Old school RuneScape to join and they claim to be the best P2P as well as the best F2P clan. How big do you want your clan to be? Remember that while great big clans be more powerful and make citadel-building easier, smaller.

They are only green and have about 60 members so i would say they belong in tier 8. I don't understand why not either, they would be able to make much more gold at tier 10. There is much more gold on the map and many more provinces.

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What are Merchanting Clans? How They Scam You and Why You Should Never Join One! [OSRS]

osrs community