Podcast industry aims to better track listeners through new analytics tech called RAD

By | 26.05.2019

Npr podcasts today usc application deadlines It measures 27. The basket's stories are what matter most. A young woman named Eiko Yamada carried it from Tokyo, Japan in the 1920s. We recommend that you search lifeloveand.me directly and that you also try using your Select that show from the drop-down 'Programs & Podcasts' menu at the top of. Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, is a radio show and podcast weaving stories for all Black students in the state of California, a ban that's still in place today. And Boris Johnsonbecome the next prime minister of the U.K.. Want to support 1A? Give to your local public radio station and subscribe to this podcast.

In the past year or so, Apple and Spotify have both come out with analytics on their platforms that tell producers how long listeners spent on a podcast, but their systems are proprietary, which means they only share the data they choose to share. So NPR, a podcasting giant in its own right, decided to develop its own open-source podcasting measurement standard, one that anyone can use. This would theoretically allow podcasters and marketers to know how many people listened to an entire podcast, how many bailed partway through, how many skipped the inevitable Blue Apron ad, and so on.

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For the first time in more than a decade the House held a hearing related to reparations legislation, which was first introduced 30 years ago. But the holiday was masterminded by the Black Music Association , a group of record executives, who were focused more on mobilizing the economic power of black music than celebrating its artists. Things have changed since then.

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