Photojournalist documents the 'unheard voices' of Japanese wives who went to North Korea

By | 21.05.2019

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Some of them have lost contact with their relatives in Japan, while some still wrestle with their conscience as they left their families in Japan behind," said Noriko Hayashi. Recording their unheard voices and photographing their present-day lives, Hayashi will soon publish a book, "Japanese Wives Who Moved to Korea," on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the launch of the repatriation project. Akiko Ota, a Japanese wife in North Korea, looks out a car window in Hamhung in November 2018 It brought 93,000 people -- Koreans and their families including 1,830 Japanese wives -- to the North, which was hailed a "paradise on earth," with secure employment and housing.

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North Korea-China summit takes place in Pyeongyang on Thursday afternoon

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Kim Jong-un’s WIFE snapped as he tells North Korean women to be ‘more beautiful’ - DAILY NEWS

Who is Kim Jong Un's wife Ri Sol-ju?

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