Sanghamittarama Bhikkhuni Monastery

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Newbury buddhist monastery facebook tinder profil finder Also, Anagarika Michelle, who has been an anagarika now for 9 months, made an asservation to the Bhikkhuni Sangha, that she wants to train for samaneri pabbaja and bhikkhuni ordination. We are delighted to see our aspiring friends going forth into the monastic path. May 16, 2015 Buddhist Leaders Conference at the White House A diverse gathering of Buddhist teachers and leaders, from a range of lineages, ethnic backgrounds, and geographical locations, made it to Washington DC to take part in what was seen as a historic occasion. The Newbury Buddhist Monastery, monastic training centre supported. The Newbury Buddhist Monastery is supported by the Buddhist Society of Victoria . Since , funds have been raised by various local and international. Established in , the Buddhist Society of Victoria is the oldest Buddhist Teaching Centre in Australia. On, , Newbury Buddhist Monastery was officially opened by Ajahn Brahm, .. facebook Youtube1 Subsribe button.

Print Text Size ALONG the northeastern edge of the Tibetan plateau, a treacherous landscape where yaks graze above the clouds, basketball hoops are everywhere. at the bases of cliffs; in the courtyards of centuries-old, golden-roofed monasteries; in nomadic villages tucked into the hills.

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Ajahn Brahm Explains Why There is an Urgent Need to Raise Fund for Newbury Buddhist Monastery

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Jack Kornfield – Ep. 79 – Remembering Ajahn Chah

Дом кирпичный, площадью 78м, 3 раздельные комнаты, кухня. Как купить дом, дачу, коттедж в Краснодарском крае.