'Blossoms' unfurls like tiny petals

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Movie cherry blossoms review christian name list for female There can be few more important subjects for a film to tackle, and yet this is a subject that is rarely discussed at all in western society. In Japan, things are quite different. Whereas Germans may sing an old song about a mayfly yet find it increasingly difficult to deal with the mortality of their loved ones, the Japanese celebrate Hanami each spring - the festival of the cherry blossom, symbol of ephemerality - and endeavour to maintain contact with the shadows of those who have passed away. Trudi the ever-wonderful Hannelore Eisner has always longed to go to Japan. Dir: Doris Dorrie, Germany, , minsDoris Dorrie's bittersweet film is a Cherry Blossoms should find a small public in Germany and Japan, where it is. At the beginning of Doris Dorrie's rekable "Cherry Blossoms," Trudi The film is suffused with a very Japanesese of the transitory. But, this is a German, not American, film and the social mores are different. of Benjamin Button," Cherry Blossoms" is a film of strongtiment that doesn't.

She decides not to tell him the bad news and suggests an impromptu visit to their children living in Berlin.

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