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Living in la without a car uber collide christian dating app I live in L. When I was in the Assembly, I heard dozens of politicians and celebrities urge Californians to take their cars off the road. Although I nodded my head in agreement, I didn't follow through until, one night, a tipsy friend half-jokingly dared me to stop driving. Of course he didn't really think I'd take him up on the challenge, because he didn't really think it was possible for a busy professional living in the hills to survive Los Angeles without a car. Advertisement But I couldn't resist the possibility of proving him wrong. Los Angeles is the “car capital” of the world, but it's been getting easier to get to do an experiment: to live in Los Angeles without a car for a while. . To mitigate the cost, you can use Uber Pool, where they pick up other. Answer 1 of Hi there, I'm travelling to LA at the end ofis year and will Do we need to rent a car? or could we make do with Uber/public transport? You can definitely make do without a car visiting those places but . I live in West Hollywood and I would not ordinarily command as a place to stay. How Uber, Lyft and Zipcar allow me to survive in LA without a car are the main companies that have made life in LA possible without a car.

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Uber Drivers Aren't Living The American Dream

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How To Survive in Los Angeles Without a Car

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