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Lee min hos family background how to clean edison cylinder records However, an injury squashed that dream. He then found his new calling in acting in high school. More than just a pretty face, Korean actor Lee Min-ho exudes quiet wisdom as he contemplates his life on the Hallyu A-list. Although, the invite-only affair — which is hosted by Osim Malaysia — does come across more like a rock concert than a fan meet, what with the early queue just to get into the venue and the cacophony of screams within once the doors open. The introduction is just a matter of formality really.

Add new comment Lee Min Ho and his main motto of life is never to give up. The Japanese TV drama about love, about life, about strong natures and worthless people constantly attract thousands of fans who learn to live and arrive as their favorite heroes to screens. In recent years movies and dramas where in leading roles acts the famous actor Lee Min Ho don't descend from screens.

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