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Laura dawson chicago pd 40 and single in nyc References The character was first introduced in Chicago Fire as one of several recurring characters from the CPD who cross paths with the firefighters. In October 2016 Seda confirmed that the character will move to the third spin-off Chicago Justice, debuting in March 2017, after resigning from his position in the CPD to take up a job with the State's Attorney's Office. Antonio dawson i will learn to let you go 4x08 Personal life Dawson and his wife Laura have two children, Eva and Diego. His wife runs a restaurant which the children help in. However, subsequent events in Season 1 and Dawson's dedication to his job take a toll on their marriage, resulting in her leaving with their two children. Antonio - 4x04 Nbc Chicago Pd, Chicago Justice, Chicago Shows, Chicago Med, . Dawson & Casey - 6x20 Gabriela Dawson, Gabby Dawson, Chicago Pd. America Olivo as Laura Dawson. tout sur le personnage de laura dawson dans la série chicago pd.

By. Milady29 The third and final part of the night out series. Laura and Antonio go out for a night and make a decision, which makes a wish come true, but not just for them a wish comes true that evening. Get your butts down here right now!

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antonio dawson [let me down slowly]

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