Is it safe to go to Indonesia?

By | 08.06.2019

Is it safe to travel to surabaya 2018 cassie randolph height weight This is in addition to Bahasa Indonesian, which is also spoken commonly. English is also spoken here to a large extent, for many European nationalities also live here. History of Surabaya In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Surabaya was a sultanate and a major political and military power in eastern Java. The expanding East Indies Companies took the city in the 18th Century. Monitor media for the latest information about safety or security risks. Check the expiry date of your Australian passport before you travel. In , several suicide attacks occurred in Surabaya and Pekanbaru targeting Police. Nation has been hit by a spate of terrorist attacks, along with ongoing political unrest and natural disasters. You can change your cont settings at any time by visiting this page. a police station in Surabaya on, , taken by Antara Foto.

A few years ago, I had fallen hard for Bali but later discovered I wasn't the only woman in its life. I remember reading, with a sinking heart, that the global popularity of Eat, Pray, Love no, I am not a fan inspired hordes of tourists to Bali. I was ready to move on.

It is also one of the most important parts of the country historically and there are a range of interesting attractions that make it worth spending some time here if you are travelling around Java. One of the key reasons to come to Surabaya is for the chance to check out an authentic slice of city life in Indonesia away from the major tourist hubs and you can also spend time eating your way around the city which is known for a clutch of signature dishes such as spicy soups and curries. Surabaya is also a port and with that in mind you can enjoy sweeping vistas across the water and also enjoy a walk along the waterfront where you can look across to the famous bridge that connects the city with neighboring Madura. All in all, Surabaya is well known as a tourist destination on the domestic market, but unfortunately the international market has yet to catch up despite the myriad charms of this city.

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is it safe to travel to bali at the moment

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is it safe to travel to bali right now

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