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Infinispan listener example top world dating sites Unlike the first-level cache, the second-level cache is associated with the session factory or entity manager factory in JPA terms , so its contents are shared across transactions and concurrent sessions. Naturally, if a cached entity gets modified, the corresponding cache entry must be updated or purged from the cache , too. As long as the data changes are done through Hibernate ORM, this is nothing to worry about. the ORM will update the cache automatically. I have started working to integrate Infinispan cache mechanism in my application. We plan to deploy our I am using the below sample code. Event listeners can be used with Infinispan caches to notify remote The following example shows how a remote client, using the Hot Rod. Learn how you can use Infinispan as a caching solution for your app. changes in our caches, Infinispan provides a simple annotation @Listener. In this example, we're limiting the maximum entries in this cache to one.

Used with the Listenable. Note that even if a class is annotated with this annotation, it still needs method-level annotation such as CacheStarted to actually receive notifications.

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Managing Infinispan server cluster (add/remove server nodes)

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