Android Notification, PendingIntent Example

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In app notification android example christopher rivas actor Figure 61-1, for example, shows a status bar with a number of notification icons. To view the notifications, the user makes a downward swiping motion starting at the status bar to pull down the notification drawer as shown in Figure 61-2. In devices running Android 8 or newer, performing a long press on an app launcher icon will display any pending notifications associated with that app as shown in Figure 61-3. Android 8 and later also supports notification dots that appear on app launcher icons when a notification is waiting to be seen by the user. A typical notification will simply display a message and, when tapped, launch the app responsible for issuing the notification. Notifications may also contain action buttons which perform a task specific to the corresponding app when tapped. Figure 61-4, for example, shows a notification containing two action buttons allowing the user to either delete or save an incoming message. It is also possible for the user to enter an in-line text reply into the notification and send it to the app, as is the case in Figure 61-5 below. Notifications are a powerful tool in the Android developer's toolkit, for example if you're developing a messaging app youide to use. In this Android Notifications tutorial, you will learn how to create an App that Once the app is running, load the sample data by selecting the. A demo app available on the GitHub repository: NotificationDemo. Let us start with creating a channel andding a notification with title.

Notification are short messages which appear on home screen of the device.

In other words, PendingIntent lets us pass a future Intent to another application and allow that application to execute that Intent as if it had the same permissions as our application, whether or not our application is still around when the Intent is eventually invoked. A PendingIntent provides a means for applications to work, even after their process exits. For security reasons, the base Intent that is supplied to the PendingIntent must have the component name explicitly set to ensure it is ultimately sent there and nowhere else.

Notification Channels - Android Studio Tutorial

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