Hundra dvd review

By | 21.05.2019

Hundra dvd review comilla chauddagram gunabati Released on. March 27, 2007. When the film begins we learn of an all female tribe who only deal with men when they need to breed and all male children who are born to them are cast out from the tribe. One of these tribeswomen, Hundra Laurene Landon of Maniac Cop leaves the camp to hunt for food and shortly after she splits, a group of barbarian men descend upon the camp and slaughter ever last one of the ladies. hundra film landon nice it's subversive barbarian tribe she's good. Find Hundra at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on The Barbarians / The Norseman: Double FeatureDVD Review this product. org review for Hundra. are a nearly impossible mash of syllables, the end credits are difficult to read, and the DVD lacks subtitles.

That seems pretty low and that puts it below average.

Printer Friendly 1983's Hundra, the genial, rollicking, comic book sword and sandals fantasy, has generated a minor cult due to its overtly feminist central character. Hundra, the statuesque blonde Amazon warrior who would rather kill a man than sleep with him - and with good reason considering the way men act in this fictional medieval time - resembles Conan the Barbarian more than Red Sonja, and that's no coincidence. John Ghaffari, the producer, bought all the left-over costumes, props and some of the sets from the Dino De Laurentiis epic Conan the Barbarian, and brought exploitation director Matt Cimber Butterfly, The Black Six over to Spain to knock out a quick rip-off of the Arnold Schwarzenegger hit. But once Cimber looked over the script, he decided that the serious tone wouldn't work, so he and co-writer John F. Goff set about to make a spoofy fantasy adventure thats focus would be on a gorgeous, blonde, man-hating super-warrior who was subservient to no one.

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