7 Strategies to Help You Stay Sexually Pure

By | 27.05.2019

How to stay sexually pure in a relationship what is stock option backdating My boyfriend and I are both Christians and got saved on the same day last year. We have been together for almost 2 years. We are fully committed to each other and are just waiting to finish school to get married. One of the best strategies to stay sexually pure begins with being pure by putting on the brakes a bit and keeping your relationship casual. But you also know God wants you to remain sexually pure—in both your Before sex becomes an issue in the relationship, talk about your standards with your. Staying pure in a relationship can be done! “But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and.

But you also know God wants you to remain sexually pure—in both your actions and your thoughts.

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Summer is finally, officially, Memorial-Day-weekend here. Many single Christians are already dating, and dating rather seriously. Part of that is trying your best to stay sexually pure when your biggest impulse is to rip off your clothes and jump in bed together.

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Jones September 5, 2012 Dating couples need a game plan. a set of ideas, attitudes and actions that will help them glorify God and safeguard their relationship from premarital sex. When I asked my peers to share their stories, few were virgins with no sexual history, and even fewer wanted to talk about it. Recounting my own sin made me feel like the chief of hypocrites. Yet, at the same time, I knew couples who did it right. They met, fell in love, dated and waited until they were married to have sex.

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